How to hire better & better people as efficiently & quickly as possible? For example, should recruitment costs be measured be up to the point of hire or over a slightly longer period of time, say 6 months, by which time your investment has had a chance to begin providing a return or not–so a ‘speed to value’ metric perhaps? True, this would be tougher to measure but probably a much more important metric as it focuses on the quality of the talent hired, based on the results they produce. Sphere Academy which has a vast experience will help your organization to find the best talent because it knows what it best for you.

Management Consultancy 

Consultancy is a key professional service of our Institute to help organizations resolve various issues/problems in;

HR Management


General Management with a view to finding suitable solutions and enhancing their performances

We provide a pool of expert consultants both internal and external with vast knowledge, skills and experience in their respective fields.

Effective Communication Skills 

We are specialized in developing ideas or winning thought in to realities, in converting to fruitful businesses or it may be a running business operation requiring a new life with a strategic approach. We design it first explaining your idea, simply and logically. It will be easy to read and understand. It will explain to the reader, who may know nothing about this idea, what the proposition is and how it will work. It will also avoid jargon.

Secondly, our expertise will make the proposal a sales tool, because we will be honest about the proposition, and will make it attractive. The whole point is to show the reader how it is in his or her interest to agree to what you are proposing. Our expert professionals will make it persuasive and well-written.