Effective Communication Skills 

Communication skills are the essential elements for an organization’s success. Effective communication skills at the workplace will improve overall worker productivity and also increase job satisfaction. 


DURATION: 1 Day/ 2 Day workshop

TARGETGROUP: Executives, Assistant Managers and Managers  


To master the art of modulating the tone, voice with appropriate body language to suitably communicate to different audiences.

To help improve productivity through identification understanding the differences existing between cultures and their styles of communication.

To be proficient in being diplomatic and prioritizing information in a systematic manner for optimum business outcomes.

To know the values of customer care, relationship building and management of sustainability and growth.

Business Writing Workshop – Letters and /E-mails 

Developing business writing skills can have a positive impact on an individual’s career advancement. People with good writing skills are generally seen as valuable. Whether you are writing to your manager, messaging a colleague or drafting the company newsletter, writing skills have a great impact on the effectiveness of the mode of communication and success achieved.

DURATION: 1 Day / 2 Day workshop

TARGET GROUP: Executives, Assistant Managers and Managers


To gain success through effective use of Business letters and emails by establishing a firm foundation related to good business writing skills.

Ability to combine modern expressions and phrases accurately & appropriately.

Knowledge to deal with business correspondence displaying clarity, diplomacy and persuasiveness.

Emergence of a professional competent in handling letters & e-mails related to specific functions.

Effective Call Centre Executive

There are several main factors that help individuals to become great Call Centre Officers. They are, strong language, communication skills and the ability to handle different customers.

DURATION: 20 hours

TARGET GROUP: Call center staff

To be able to acquire the required skill to understand diverse cultures and audiences to provide product information and fulfill customer requirements

To be able to master the skills needed for negotiations and handling customer demands.

To a acquire better knowledge of prioritizing and diplomacy along with empathy and right attitude.

To use the individual’s voice for better impressions coupled with right telephone techniques.

Perfect Presenter 

Presentations skills are very useful in many aspects of work and life. Effective presentation skills are important in business, sales and selling, training, teaching, lecturing and generally entertaining an audience. Developing the confidence and capability to give good presentations, and to stand up in front of an audience and speak well. Presentation skills arenot limited to certain special people - anyone can give a good presentation, or perform public speaking to a professional and impressive standard.

Formats and objectives of presentations can be different. For example; multimedia, power point, oral, long planned presentations and training sessions. Every successful presentation uses a set of essential techniques, which will be discussed in the programme.

DURATION: 2 Day workshop

TARGET GROUP: Executives, Assistant Managers and Managers


To be able to identify the mood of the audience through effective deployment of audience perception, comprehension and interaction.

To create impressive openings, high-impact body and powerful endings in line with set objectives of the presentation.

To use of volume, voice, pitch and body language to win the audience.

To apply techniques of contemporary minimalistic visual aids to enhance effective delivery.

Persuasive Business Writing 

Effective writing has been one of the key modes in communication. As we know successful communication can be difficult but on the other hand poor communication could cause problems or major misunderstandings. If in business you may lose the momentum of a major business project. But in private life the consequences may be varied depending on circumstances.

At Sphere we ensure that your staff gets the best knowledge in creating winning business documents thus helping both the organization and the employee for better productivity.

DURATION: 20 hour course

TARGET GROUP: Executives, Assistant


To be able to formulate the right layout of a business document with the inputs of proper start, ending and relevant content.

To change and adapt different styles of writing when dealing with different business documents – E.g.: Formats for Letters/Emails/Memos/Reports.

To be familiar with the techniques of establishing a case of a business need, adding right elements of business flavor and gaining the favor of decision maker.

Face To Face - Conducting Effective Meetings 

In the modern business world of video conferences, the importance of face to face meetings can often get overlooked. General view is that face to face encounter will continue to be our most effective form of communication. Conducting effective face to face meetings are crucial to succeed in business. Organizations depend on face to face meetings to win new customers as there is a high possibility of converting prospective customers into valuable customers.

DURATION: As per the requirement of the client

TARGET GROUP: Executives, Assistant Managers, Managers


To have a clear understanding of protocols related to handling modern meetings.

The competence to plan a meeting, setting objectives, employing strategy and allocating resources.

To assign roles to draw out individual strengths and delegate responsibilities appropriately.

To gain the ability to use body language and voice effectively.

To gain proficiency in preparing the agenda, recording the minutes and arriving at business decisions.

Customer Service Excellence 

Service excellence is not about exceeding the expectations of customers. It is primarily achieved by providing what is promised and dealing with any problems that arise. Being customer oriented and delivering service excellence is becoming a significant advantage in both public and private organizations.

This programme is unique because it is a full package offered to the customer care staff where Sphere representatives will enter the office as mystery customers.

After making suitable observations, a comprehensive report forwarding a recommendation will be submitted to the management of the organization.

This report will identify the inadequacies and find suitable solutions within the available infrastructure to serve the customer better.

After the submission of the report, staff will be trained on the areas that needs development.

The programme will then be followed by post training evaluation

Customer Care for Front Line Staff 

Good customer service is made, not born. Most organizations believe that employees require training to provide good customer service. Best way to ensure that your customers are happy is not only by providing quality goods, but also by providing an exceptional service. It is crucial that your employees have the ability to handle problems of customers.

DURATION: 1 Day workshop

TARGET GROUP: Front Line Staff


To be able to make an impact on provision of services by utilizing the correct modes of communication.

To possess the ability to handle difficult customers with a positive attitude, empathy and confidence.

To acquire skills in building business relationships and in delivering excellent customer care.

Professional Edge- Grooming for Everyone

Personal grooming has a subtle but curiously powerful influence on your progress through life. How you look, dress and care for yourself sends signals to others about what you are like. People who are not bothered about personal hygiene or people whose clothes appear unduly unkempt are rejected by society. They may also be put off by more subtle things like grimy fingernails, or sour breath, or even untied shoe laces. Sphere Academy with its wide experience will ensure progress for males and females.

DURATION: As per the client requirement

TARGET GROUP: Managers, Assistant Managers, Executives and Office Staff


To be able to conduct oneself confidently in any business situation with poise and stature.

To acquire knowledge of the right corporate attire, make-up and hair style to complement the ideal outlook.

To be knowledgeable of rules of etiquette at business lunches/dinners and cocktails.

To build an image to promote the organization / brand.

Sales Force Training 

Enhancing knowledge and skills to help the sales force to manage challenging situations with professionalism and confidence. Using proven techniques that will decrease potential stress, improve quality and increase productivity through recognizing the importance and value of individual contribution to the organization’s image.

DURATION: 2 Day workshop  

TARGET GROUP: Executives, Assistant Managers and Managers


To be able to master the art of selling with aid of right techniques of negotiation skills.

To analyze competition in the market and formulate proactive strategies to capture the customer base.

To effectively deliver sales talks/presentations in a persuasive manner at public gatherings.

To be able to mitigate stress with time management and working as one Sales Team.

Negotiation Skills 

Negotiation skills are key in the field of sales and marketing. Not every technique is applicable in every circumstance. A professional should have the ability to differentiate between techniques and should be ready with a variety of tactics.

DURATION: As per client’s requirement

TARGET GROUP: Managers, Assistant Managers and Executives


To gain right business ground through research and to lay the foundation for a self- advantageous negotiation strategy.

To gain the ability to identify the best negotiation style for specific situations.

To possess the ability to recognize unorthodox negotiation methods to safeguard against underhand tactics and manipulation.

To come up with win-win situations while ensuring the interest of the organization

Social Media Marketing 

As social media is a fast moving trend in the society, use of social media marketing can enable a business to reach their customers and expand the business.

DURATION: As per client’s requirement

TARGET GROUP: Managers and Assistant Managers


To acquire a wide knowledge of social media marketing systems.

To be able to develop and review the social media marketing process for the organization.

To understand and reap best results out of each social media platform.

To be able to introduce the methods of social media marketing in to the overall marketing plan.

Right Personality for Organizational Growth 

Quality employees help to run a company and walk towards growth. Right personality of the staff member will make a great impact on organizational growth. An employee’s personality has a direct impact on the growth of the organization and such employees are assets to an organization. The contribution made by the right personality at a workplace is specified below.

DURATION: 1 Day/2 Day workshop

TARGET GROUP: Office staff


To develop a reasonably good set of team players who could be the core of organizational growth.

To enhance supportive skills such as etiquette, leading to internal/external customer care and teamwork/team building.

To be continuously motivated and emotionally committed with the right attitude for career success.

To have a knowledge of the appropriate corporate attire to enhance corporate and social image.

Be a Partner of a Successful Organization 

Most employment experts will tell you that the success of any business is directly linked to the contribution made by its employees. The employee contribution maybe identifiable in the areas of team work, leadership qualities and also the service provided to external & internal customers. This workshop will truly motivate your staff members/workers, thus creating employee satisfaction and thereby helping your business to become successful.

DURATION: 1 Day /2 Day workshop

TARGET GROUP: Managers and Assistant Managers


To understand the importance of building a team and engaging in team work.

To be motivated and showcase leadership qualities in daily operations.

To promote relationship building for internal and external customer care.

Operational Excellence 

This is an essential element of organizational strategy that emphasizes the applicability of various systems and principles contributing towards sustainable development of the organization. Operational excellence applies to every level and every person in the organization.

TARGET GROUP: Operational staff


To introduce measures that enable operations to contribute to value protection and creation.

To establish a process to define and validate and prioritize measures to develop sustainable system performance.

To understand your business drivers and the link to strategic direction.

To adopt systems that are operationally compatible

Problem Solving and Decision Making 

Problem-solving often involves decision-making, and decision-making is especially important for management and leadership. There are processes and techniques to improve decision-making and the quality of decisions. A professional should have the ability to differentiate between techniques and should be well equipped with different ways of handling difficult situations.

DURATION: 1 Day/2 Day workshop

TARGET GROUP: Managers, Assistant Managers and Executives


To be able to anticipate and identify problems

To define and clarify the issue

To develop skills in gathering all the facts and understand their causes.

To gain skills required for generating and evaluating alternative solutions to a problem

To make decisions and take responsibility for them

To explain their decisions to those involved and affected, and follow up to ensure proper and effective implementation.

The Hybrid Manager - Building next generation Managers 

There is increasing interest in ‘hybrid managers’, a breed of managers who blend information, management skills with general management skills. Such people are perceived as important in enabling organizations to make use of information systems effectively in today's competitive business environment.

In order to obtain the best from staff, either developing new skills or employing existing ones, Managers need to be effectively trained. The role of today's manager also has a bigger project and team emphasis than it used to. It encompasses many functions and responsibilities that were not the domain of the manager ten years ago. Our training programme examines competencies critical to success in the role of today's hybrid manager.

This programme is unique since the client has the opportunity of selecting an area from the range of topics we offer to groom your future leaders. They are as follows

• Personal grooming

• Financial and business acumen

• Finance for non-finance personnel

• Excellent communication skills

• Analytical expertise

• Enhancing creativity

• Technology readiness

• HR perspective of a business manager

• Managing conflicts

• Insight of marketing

• Concern for quality

• Personality development

• Leadership

• Habits of successful people

• Operational excellence.

DURATION: 140 hours

TARGET GROUP: Future leaders


Future leaders taking this programme shall be equipped with the 360 degree paradigm shift to promptly read business atmosphere in challenging global context, act with business acumen and mastermind strategies to ensure ROI.

To emphasise on human capital development and technological readiness to impact positively to the triple bottom line.

To be best-fit in the succession plan.

Interviewing Skills 

In the modern employment world it is important to have good interviewing skills. The interviewer should have the capability to determine whether the candidate is suitable for the job. However Interviewing is an ability that can be improved and adjusted.

DURATION: 1 Day workshop

TARGET GROUP: Managers and Assistant Managers


To identify the types of interviews.

To gather knowledge in planning and preparing for an interview.

To know how to analyse a candidate’s resume and formulate lead questions to customize the interview.

To be able to close the interview and evaluate a candidate to facilitate selection/recruitment.

Industrial Relations and Employment Relations 

In a work place every individual shares a certain relationship with the fellow workers. It is important that this relationship is healthy because there are situations that individuals cannot take decisions alone. Strong employee relations reduce the problem of absenteeism at workplace and discourage conflicts among individuals.

It is also important for a company to have a clear knowledge of the legal framework governing employer- employee relations/ industrial relations in Sri Lanka. This programme will show the value of the bond between the employer and employee that will contribute towards the growth of a company.

DURATION: 1 Day/ 2 Day workshop

TARGET GROUP: Managers and Assistant Managers


To develop the ability to understand the functions and problems of trade unions.

To identify and resolve Industrial disputes.

To understand the importance of employee discipline.

To implement channels of effective employee communication.

Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring 

Mentoring programmes help professionals grow, develop and learn new skills under an expert. Coaching the employees will make them capable to bridge the gap between educational theory and actual business practices. A supportive atmosphere can improve employee morale and loyalty. Also coaching can improve the function of a team, department and organization. Therefore this is significant for the growth of the employees within the company which ultimately contributes to the development of the organization.

DURATION: 1 Day /2 Day workshop

TARGET GROUP: Managers and Assistant Managers


To be able to study the value of addressing the key aspects human development via improving coaching and mentoring skills.

To build capacity to mitigate potential conflicts and issues employees may encounter.

To gain the necessary knowledge and the capability to come up with solutions to safeguard a supportive working environment.

Ratio Analysis for Corporate & Finance Sector 

Having a good understanding about the tools used for analyzing the company's financial performance is an asset to any professional who is engaged in financial statement analysis, financial planning, comparing performance and efficiency, and decision making. This programme equips the participants with the essentials in ratio analysis to ensure effective outcomes with regard to the finances of the business.

DURATION: 1 Day /2 Day workshop

TARGET GROUP: Credit Analysts/Managers/Corporate Relationship Managers


 To develop the ability of conducting an in-depth analysis of credit risk & mitigation

To understand the methods of analysing liquidity, solvency, profitability & Efficiency Ratios

To interpret financial ratios in divers business scenarios

Capital Financing & Cash flow Analysis 

The programme imparts knowledge on Capital Financing & Cash flow Analysis which are essential in understanding the present status and measuring the efficiency of an organization or a business. They are tools that can be used to ensure smooth functioning of the business and in financial planning.

DURATION: 1 Day workshop

TARGET GROUP: Credit Analysts/Managers/Officers/Assistants


To gain ability to analyse current assets & liabilities

To understand working capital & its cycle

To understand the difference between Profitability & Cash Flow

To prepare cash flows

To analyse of cash flows

To calculate working capital ‘gaps’

Financial Documentation 

Reporting financial information about a business is done in standardized formats and it is a key element in a successful business. This is a programme designed to provide a thorough understanding on the ways of recording and maintaining financial information.

DURATION: 1 Day workshop

TARGET GROUP: Credit Analysts/Managers/Officers/Assistants


Recording & compiling information

Writing reports

Preparation of various financial documents as per required formats

o Balance sheets

o Income statements

o Cash flow statements

Outbound Training 

Outbound training is specifically effective in areas that involve inter personal relationships, trust and bonding, communication of shared vision and goals, motivation, behaviour modification and response to change. The importance of this training is that it takes a group of people away from their normal environment into the outdoors and keeping new and unfamiliar challenges before them where new methods will be discovered in solving them. Outbound training can be the key in producing effective and high performance teams.

We offer this programme jointly with reputed outbound trainers.

DURATION: 1 Day /2 Day workshop


Hybrid Programmes 

These are special tailor made programmes. The uniqueness of this programme is that it is a combination of soft skills and English language. Firstly we develop the language of the target audience and then focus on enhancement of soft skills.