Moving Beyond Aspirations

Sphere is a dynamic and progressive organization providing customised training and business solutions to both corporate and non corporate sectors.


Sphere carries valuable experiences in the fields of business and training, associating with many organizations and its employees. The driving force of our team is its vast knowledge, experience and skills that provide the leading edge and the ability to stand tall in the community thus ensuring that the individual needs are well fulfilled. CRM is the key philosophy for the success of Sphere. With this in mind, we concentrate on building strong relationships with our associates. We listen and constantly re-address the ever changing needs of our customers to ensure that we are always ahead of the game.

  At a time, our country is challenged with a development thirst, and the presence of a competent work force becomes a key asset. Our ability and experience have made us unique in the industry and this uniqueness has made us different from the rest.  

CEO's Message

As Sri Lanka is moving towards a high value and knowledge based economy, right human capital development  has become more vital than ever before. Sphere provides business and training solutions with the edge needed by businesses to stay ahead of the competition in a globalized economy.

CEO/ Director
Sphere Academy & Management Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.
Pradeep Yahampath


Our Faculty

Our faculty consists of both internal and external members who are well qualified and experienced in their relevant field of expertise.

Depending of exigencies of service, we possess the capability of bringing their required talent to suit the needs and wants based on the nature of training and development where your organization could advice us appropriately.

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